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Thursday, August 6, 2015

MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2009

Welcome Friends!

I'd like to welcome the following charming friends to Timeless Things:
Sue @ Rabbit Run Cottage - The life of a fun and spirited family and pets that can talk!
Kris @ Vintage Window - Eye candy for the thrift store enthusiast and lovers of vintage. She has an Etsy store called Step on it Art showcasing her hand painted floor mats.
Rini @ Catherina's Love - Artist extrodinaire and an amazing photographer. From The Netherlands.
Vera @ Seams To Sew and Quilt - A master at quilting and my new Marshall's and Ross shopping buddy!
Bobbi Jo @ It's Good To Be Queen - Her sweet blog has helped me to be more organized in my home. She has plethora of information for the home. 
Ann @ Life At Ann's Place - I love her blog because she participates in most of the Blogger extracurricular activities. I wish I could join every single one of them but I do get to see Ann when we do Pink Saturday!
Teresa @ Eclectic Pink Rose - Teresa is one Pink girly girl! She lets you know about decor and her current finds. I see sweet Teresa at Pink Saturday and the girl has some awesome recipes! "If it's not Pink, It's not worth having"...Amen girl!
Thank you all for your visits. It means a lot to me that you spend your valuable time to come and see me. Be sure to visit one another as you might find a dear friend amongst the roses.

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