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Thursday, August 6, 2015

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009

My Love Affair With Thrift Shops Goes Shopping Again!

Time again for me to share some thrift store finds. I've been missing in action since Mr. Timeless Things took me to Austin for our anniversary. I've been in a romantic and blissful state ever since! We had a lot of fun and my sister and her hubby joined us on Saturday to spend the day with us and sister and I were so thrilled that they took us to the Goodwill stores there! What fun and what wonderful guys! I have a story for you but I'll share it at the end of the post. I'm still mad about it but I did the right thing.

You all know how much I adore baby nursery planters and I hit the mother lode in Austin! This adorable car was only .99 cents!
Isn't this sweet. And it's so fitting for Mr. Timeless Things and I as we have been together for exactly twenty-five years. It was a whopping .99 cents.

This is the little bowl that it sits in.

If you look at the previous MLAWTS post, you will see how much this looks like the cigarette holder. I fell madly in love with this "Instant Coffee" porcelain jug. I paid .69 cents for it!

Sideview of the "Instant Coffee" jug.

Pink bootie nursery planter. I paid .39 cents for it. Cutie pie thing!

I'm not sure why but for some reason, San Antonio and Austin had a mother lode of these Avon rabbit planters. I found one in Austin and the flowered one here in San Antonio. They were both .99 cents.

I really adore bunny planters and I've been lucky to have found several of them.

This blue bootie cutie is a Napco piece. I paid .49 cents for it and I almost missed it! If I hadn't squatted down it wouldn't be sitting on my shelf right now....whew!

Normally clowns scare me but this one was too sweet to pass up. I just fell hard for this adorable planter. I paid .39 cents for it.

This planter is from the Goowill in Austin and it was .49 cents. I can't believe how many nursery planters there are to be had. I know that at any given day, I can find at least one or two of them.

This one is from Austin as well and I got it for .39 cents. It looks like a large piece but it really is fairly small and sweet.

I couldn't pass up on this .25 cent bunny napkin holder.

I'm not sure what this may have been used for but I loved it at first sight. Maybe they used it to hold toothpicks! Whatever it's former life's now mine and I got it for .39 cents!

It says 24 carat on the bottom. It's such a darling thing.

This sweet cup and saucer was only $1.99. I can use it in the future for Pink Saturday!

I collect glass birds and they have to be blue. I have about thirteen of them. This lovely birdy was only .25 cents.

My sister Cyndi and I found these precious shoes at GW for .49 cents. When we were checking out my sister happened to turn one of the shoes over and someone had written "Dee" on it. That is my nickname and I was over the moon. We were meant to!
This precious lamb is not from GW but from my favorite vintage shop, Craftiques. I won her at a silent auction and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that little "Bella" is home with me! She was a steal...that's all I'm gonna say....I'm just sayin'!
Well, our trip to Austin was fab and I'll post about in two days. The story I wanted to tell you: Mr. Timeless and brother in-law took me and Cyndi to GW in Austin and as I was perusing the furniture, I saw the most beautiful little nightstand with little Queen Anne legs and it had an opening to hold books or a floral display and a little drawer above it. It was $9.00 and I contemplated it and my dear brother in-law said "get it Deanna." I didn't....I'm not sure why. It was the most stupidest thing I've ever done. After Cyndi and Johnny left that night and headed back to San Antonio, I was in looking out of the window of our hotel room and I just couldn't stop thinking about it and I tossed and turned all night. Mr. Timeless Things said he would take me back in the morning to get it. Morning: We head out to GW early the next morning and I go straight to the back where it had been the day before and it was gone. I was dejected. Forlorn. Why did I not listen to my brother in-law?? I walked back to the front of the store and saw a jumble of furniture and there was my beautiful little cream colored Queen Anne legged nightstand and it had been marked down to $4.99!!! OMG! I grabbed it and got in line. My turn was approaching and then I hear.."Oh no!! Honey, where did you get that?" She looked dejected. Forlorn. I glanced over to the jumble of furniture and she says.."Those are all mine...I mean, I haven't bought them but I asked if I could put them all there so that my husband could load them into the truck." My heart fell. Then the man that was being checked out stuck in his two cents and said.."There ain't no name on it.." Lame. She got tears in her eyes and looked sadly at her husband and there I am holding the little nightstand in my arms. Her husband looked at me and told his wife.."Honey, possession is nine-tenths of the law." Tears start rolling down our cheeks. Fury towards the nosy customer and fury at her but mixed with deep sympathy. It wasn't fair to either of us. In the end, I had to give it up. I set it down and told her that I would not take her treasure away from her. I told her how I had stupidly left it behind yesterday and how we had gotten up early to get here and then oops, more tears from both of us. Her husband kindly put his hand on my shoulder and said.."We will never forget this. That was the nicest thing I've ever seen and you will be paid back ten-thousandfold." Nope, not for me...I just wanted that antique nightstand with the little Queen Anne legs. I will never forget it. Lesson: Take it. Don't leave it'll be sorry.....LOL! I'm just sayin'.

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