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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Pink Saturday and She Lives!!! Long Post But It's Short, Sweet and Ugly Too!

Pink Saturday. Wow, I have missed everyone and I guess you all are just about the most caring people ever. Everyone that came to visit me... a hundred kisses to you! Every single one of you is special in my heart. Thanks go to dear Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for her dedication to keep us all together through Pink Saturday. Beverly, thank you for those sweet words of encouragement. You are fabulous! You will find the Pink stuff after the Salt Lick pictures. The pictures are ones that I took at Craftiques and at Patricia's house. Patricia of Vintage Linen Treasures and I went shopping together the day before I got swarmed by fire ants and we had a blast together. She is very dear to me and I can't wait to see her again! Please click on the How Sweet The Sound link to view the other Pink Saturday posts! Have a great Saturday everyone and Happy Mother's Day.
Greetings from San Antonio! It's been so long since I've been on my blog. I want to thank everyone that left me the sweetest messages. It means a lot to me. There are some beautiful and caring people in Bloggyland! I'm feeling so much better. I still have some nasty wounds on the top of my foot but the crazy urge to use steel wool to scratch my foot has dissipated! Mr. Timeless Things took wonderful care of me and catered to my every need. I had major withdrawal being away from my laptop but it was sheer bliss being with my man and cuddling up with him in his recliner and crying like a baby because I was hurting. He kissed my boo-boos.....well maybe not my foot but you get the idea.

Well, I'm puttiing all the pictures that I've taken before the stings and after so it's going to be quite a long post but I'll make it short on the words.

Me and my man in San Marcos shopping like lunatics!

Here's me taking a picture of me. Gosh I'm fat! Dang!

Me hitting good ol' Betsey! Okay, only one satchel made it home with me. Dang!
My man shopping at Ralph Lauren. He likes to dress up for me. Dang he's cute!

Ooh La La....skirts and a couple of shirts.

Jewelry was taken home and Mr. Timeless Things got the vapors!

My man had to recover and headed off to Van Heusen.

Here is my man in the elevator at the Hyatt in Austin. He's wondering if it's going to blow off the rooftop like in Willie Wonka.

In the elevator going up to our room.

The view from our window. The paddle boat tours Town Lake and dinner is served as it cruises around the shoreline.

Lovely view from our room. We didn't have time to go swimming but next time we will make the time.

My man and I taking a walk along the shore of Town Lake. The bridge houses tons of bats and they fly out at the same time every night. It's an amazing sight!

Lot's of boating activities at Town Lake.

My favorite....the Swan Paddle boats.

From our room...the view is just astonishing and I couldn't stop looking out the window.

On our way to the big Paddle boat.

Cruising alongside our hotel.

My man. I love you.

Nature walk with my was a perfect day.

We saw this cute little bee in the flower and he let us take a picture. What a poser!

Isn't this a sweet picture?

Me enjoying the day with my man.

Close up of the bat stank! Dang! 

On our way to the Celtic Woman concert. 

My boobs.....oops!

Where the concert was held. The Frank Erwin Center is lovely at night. Alas, no camera's or videos are allowed at the Celtic Woman concert so we couldn't take any photos of the girls. They are amazing and my hubby's favorite song is Orinoco Flow.
Me after the concert.

I was still looking out of the window long after Mr. Timeless Things was asleep.
I love this picture. I was reclining back in my seat in the car when I took this shot.

Next morning. It was so crisp and clear and then we heard soft footsteps...

CeeCee! She snuck herself inside of my overnight bag! You silly girl! I guess she didn't want to stay home alone....hee hee hee!

She liked looking out of the window.

Okay, we forgive you girl! We're glad you stowed away in our bags!

Later that love took me to Driftwood to eat at The Salt Lick. Rachael Ray was there several years ago as was Bobby Flay and their pictures are proudly displayed all over the restaurant.

My guy walking up to the restaurant.

Little fountain out front.

My guy waiting for his plate of barbeque.

The inside of the Salt Lick. Very rustic wouldn't you say?

My plate of sin. Yep, I ate everything on that dang plate!

Hold me back...!! Sausages are my favorite sin. Mr. Timeless Things had to drag me out by the hair. I didn't appreciate that!

Somewhere there's a man in Texas walking around without his boot.

Goodbye Salt Lick! Until July!!

The Pink side. Okay here I am several days later with my sweet Patricia of Vintage Linen Treasures. She was the winner of my Giveway and we have become such great buddies! It's such a great thing for me to have a special friend that I can share my love of vintage things. Here we are at Craftiques which is just blocks from my apartment. We went cuckoo shopping in there. I fell in love with this tin box. I want it for my will see what I've selected for my birthday and I'm hoping my guy will pick out the best one. He's pretty good at knowing what I like.

I want these lamps.

Or these....

Don't ask me why I want this dress....I just do. I love it.

I mean, look at those sweet ruffles. I need a dress form.

I want one of the phones AND those silhouettes!

I adore this 5o's set of watercolors

So vintage and so sweet.

I want this teacup and saucer. It's so very feminine.

I really really would love these pictures. I think I will buy them for myself.

A close up of the picture.

I adore this cake stand. It's one piece and I think it's such a clever idea to create a vintage cake stand out of vintage pieces.

See that hand? I want it. It's similar to my Patricia's hand that she has in her lovely Shabby Chic room.

I adored these brooches made from vintage millinery flowers and lace.

They are pricey but lovely nonetheless.
Lovely tray with ephemera.

I want this ring holder. Isn't it lovely?

I want it all.


Please God...don't let anyone have bought this yet. I am running over to Kraftiques in the morning to put it on lay-away! She's a vintage pin cushion. She's pricey but I can't leave her behind. She belongs with me.

Isn't this headboard such a pretty chippy thing?

Who remembers these? I do!

I want this tea set but I don't think I'll get lucky and get it because everything is being sold separately and it just might be gone tomorrow.

Lovely little plate.

See this plate? This plate is the match to the teacups I bought at Goodwill and you can see the cups on a past Pink Saturday post. I want to get this for sure.

Alamo pottery is very collectable. My sister bought me an Alamo Pottery Swan planter from 1955. I just love it.

Lovin' that white pitcher.

Okay, here we are at my lovely Patricia's house. She has some of the most beautiful treasures and she displays them in such a lovely way. There's the hand....isn't it just wonderful? And look at that teapot...SWOON!

I think Patricia said this porcelain coach was a gift from her mother. Isn't it darling?

Sweet Erica...Patricia's daughter, painted this lovely picture. It is so beautiful and it was her first try at painting! She is mega talented....she can paint for me anytime!

Sweet little pouchette.

Look at these beautiful perfume bottles!

Take a gander at the tops of the bottles. I've never seen bottles like these before.

This lovely aqua bottle is my favorite.

Patricia has such a wonderful collection of linens and quilts. Isn't this quilt just amazing?

Here we are..Patricia is hiding behind that!

Here we are again and this time she comes out from behind the sheet and shows off one of her lovely treasures. She is a riot!

I literally drooled when I saw this lovely decanter collection. She has such wonderful taste doesn't she?

This was inside a drawer and Patricia told me that she loves to put little surprises inside...something sweet and cute. Something unexpected. I like that idea!

Patricia found these vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes at Goodwill. Actually there were many pairs of Italian designer shoes there that day and she bought several pairs.

Another pair of Ferragamo shoes.

Anyone remember a wreath like this one that I posted near Easter time? This was at Craftiques and I could have just bought it instead of making my own Easter wreath! Imagine....I found the picture on google images and here it was, only several blocks from my apartment, hanging on the wall of Craftiques! Aaugh!!

Patricia loved these sweaters from the Salvation Army and I believe she bought this one. I loved the beaded collar and the pearl buttons.

This one was lovely too. All the beads and pearls were intact.

Here is the lovely Patricia perusing the aisle of knick-knacks at the Salvation Army thirft shop.

She found this vintage Vera scarf at Goodwill. These are so hard to come by lately. I found one myself years ago and I have it posted way back in the archives of this blog!
I found these baby nursery planters at Goodwill for .99 cents! I've been collecting them like a lunatic! The creamer is the ninth creamer to join my collection. Seems as if there are more creamers to be had than sugar bowls. I now have a severe case of puppy love for creamers.
Okay, now the UGLY! This is hours after I was attacked by a swarm of Fire Ants. I'm not showing you the ankle because that is where I was stung the worst. My foot got so swollen that I thought my foot looked like a big fat dugong! The second and third toes were so swollen that they looked like they were connected. I have bites in-between my toes and the pustule on the top of my foot was so painful that it felt as if someone had hit my foot with a hammer. I took antihistimines and passed out for two days. The top of my foot was sitting very high and I thought it was going to explode.

Two days later the swelling had gone down a bit but the itching had come with a vengence and I cried for hours because it hurt so bad. The peeling started and my ankle ......yuk. No photos of that willl ever be shown.
My foot five days later. The pustule is still large and painful and I wasn't able to put a shoe on. The itching was so bad that I had to put on my exfoliating gloves, squeeze benedryl cream and rub the hell out of my foot and ankle.

Seven days later. The pustule is still very large and painful.

Here I am crying like a baby. I was drugged as well so I look hideous. My left eye was swollen because of the allergic reaction I had to the stings. Lucky me, I have Mr. Timeless Things who took such good care of me. Dang he's so adorable!
MeDo you still love me despite my hideous foot?

When will these dang Fire Ants stop looking for me?
1. 2002
2. 2005
3. 2009
4. ?
Well that's it for now kiddies! Big big hugs to you all! You make my days so special and bright!

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