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Thursday, August 6, 2015


For Dear Sue at Rabbit Run Cottage

A week or two ago I had contemplated shutting down my blog because I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was talked out of it and I'm glad because I really enjoy visiting my dear ones homes in blogland. I did have to curtail my Pink Saturday participation due to our busy schedule this summer but I had found that I was spending too much time visiting the long list of fabulous PS poster's and had been neglectful of my other bloggy pals. For that I was very sorry and contrite. Then the other day, when I started mending fences, I went to dear Sue's place at Rabbit Run Cottage and found that someone had hurt this dear lady's feelings. Who in the world would leave a comment on someone's blog to say, "Poor you! You used to get 150 + hits on your blog and now you seem lucky to get 40!" I mean COME ON!! Why would you say something so hurtful and spiteful? Sue had this to say... (these are portions of paragraphs on Sue's blog)....
"I was just "not giving the blog world what it wanted". Her words. Not mine." (She's talking about the insensitive person here): Okay. So it left me wondering if I should continue. I always tried to put up interesting pictures, ones that I had worked on to improve their look...wanting them to be pretty for all of you! I tried to write about things I was doing that you MIGHT be interested in. No, I don't do as many decorating posts as others but I haven't had the time to do that for awhile. I miss it and hope to do more posts of that nature soon but still....
I wasn't giving the folks what they wanted.........I was told I was "long winded" and that seemed to hold true when some pointed out that I put up "wordy" posts. Okay, so I am a talker. *shrug* That's just me.
(Reading this made my blood boil and made me want to hug Sue)
This was the best paragraph Sue wrote and I know that many of us feel the same way: 
"But, all in all, I will post for me. It is my creative outlet, my connection with the wider world.
I have no illusions of grandeur. No one is going to ask me to write a book or pay me to blog. No one is going to put my house in a magazine, pay for my advice or hop on the Rabbit Run bandwagon because my blog is uber popular. But the friends I have made here in bloggy world are, for the most part, still right here beside me. I treasure that. "
Bravo Sue! Your blog is your own to do with as you see fit. If you want to be "wordy" well then gosh darn just be as wordy as you want to be! I take offense to anyone leaving hurtful comments on anyone's blog. When that happens, I sincerely believe that that person no longer cares about being nice towards anyone. I have been fortunate to not have this happen to me (in blogland that is) but it so angers me when it happens to my dear bloggy friends. I hope the person who typed without thinking, apologized but they may be going on blithely in their own half world, unaware that they hurt a gentle person. So sorry Sue. You didn't deserve that.

We have so many wonderful women and men in many interesting people to visit and to learn a little about their daily lives, makes me feel as if I've walked over to a neighbors home. If we were all the same, then it would definately make for boring reading. I want to know about you throwing out the trash and finding a lovely rock on the way. I want to know if you cooked dinner or slaved over a hot drive-thru window like I do. I want to know if your garden is doing well and if your feet stink when you don't wear panty hose with your high heels and go bare legged because it's too hot for hose. I want to know if your child lost his or her first tooth. I like knowing that your mother in-law cooked the most wonderful dinner and that you are kind enough to share those family recipes with us.

It's the little things that make a blog welcoming and endearing. I hope that when I do follow blogs, that those people don't feel that they have to follow my blog. It has never bothered me if someone doesn't leave a comment and I never give it a second thought. I followed them because I liked what they had to say. Most of the time I visit and read a post but because I'm always in such a hurry, commenting is put on the back burner. I hope Sue knows that she is a wonderful person and I've always enjoyed reading her blog. I think she knows she's pretty great! She's a beauty too! I love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! 

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