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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'll Never Forget You


This was my dermatologist. It's very hard reading this to my friend so that she may type this for me but I think he deserves to be mentioned on my blog. This man went above and beyond the call of duty to try and save both eyes from rosacea invading my graft in the right eye and the infected left eye. This man had been my doctor for three years. He was a Christian man. He prayed with and for his patients for their healing. He was adored by us. He was also my husbands doctor and we always went to see him together. On May 2nd. the Lord called him home. He had just returned that afternoon from seeing his daughter graduate from Oral Roberts and was a bit tired when the family arrived back home after the flight. He was a talented swimmer and a splendid athlete. He loved to run. He decided that he would take a jog and fatally collapsed from a heart attack not far from his home and could not be revived by his neighbor and close friend.

Marshall and I still remain devastated at the loss. Sometimes we just can't believe that he is gone. He was a dynamic man. You see, when you have a man whose morals and dignity are defined by the way he treats his fellow man, that ideal is firmly planted in your mind that this is way we should treat all people. With grace, dignity and a sense of understanding of what their needs might be. He offered us prayer. He never questioned the presence of God. He held our hands and quietly prayed for us. I will never forget that about him. Sadly, his staff could not go on without him and his practice closed. He was loved that much. I called several times to see if they needed anything and I remember Erica the receptionist saying, "Mrs. Nelson, we just aren't able to let him go." I understood that. Marshall and I can't let go either. He left us all but we will see him again and we will hear that quiet wonderful voice of his and that tender smile that would light up his eyes. He truly was a great man.

You are always in my heart DY.


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