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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Blue About A Little Pain

The last two days have been horrible. My eye felt as if it were being poked by a branding iron. Yep, I cried those two days and I'm tired of it quite frankly. As I lay there on my bed yesterday, I was trying to think of anything that would take my mind off of my pain.

Way back in July, bluebonnets were running rampant all over San Antonio. It's quite a beautiful sight because you can spot families stopping on the side of the road to let their kids out and let them run across the fields of wildflowers, that thanks to the great former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, covers the highways and areas of SA. That day in July, Marshall and I had to make a quick trip to Home Depot and as we drove up to the store we saw fields of bluebonnets behind the store and on the hill on the other side of the store. We went in, got our supplies and Marshall stopped the car by the hill and we both got off to take photos of the flowers. Kids were running up and down the hillside laughing and chasing each other. Couples were posing and having their pictures taken by family and friends. Everyone was so friendly and lot's of thanks being said to Lady Bird.
How much do we take for granted, the simple things that life has to offer? Had I known then that my eyesight would suffer two months later, I would have grabbed my camera every day and taken photos of places and people that certainly deserve to be published on this little blog. I remember taking this picture of the bluebonnet, wondering if the color of it would ever translate it's loveliness onto my blog. I hope it does. That day, my husband and I had a very special moment. He looked over at the kids playing and smiled, mentioning how much fun they must be having. It was a very wistful moment for us. Being childless, we take special pleasure in seeing families who are genuinely having fun with each other and sharing great family moments together. Kids and bluebonnets, they do make an enchanting photo. I do have the picture of the kids running on the hill but I'll keep that photo to myself.
I had to miss work yesterday. I really hate missing work. I was in too much pain. Going lens free today to try and calm the right eye. My meds feel like acid when I put them in my eye and my face is constantly on fire from the Finacea and Metrogel I slather on every six hours. I know this will be over someday. I just wish I could get the clarity back in my right eye. I want to see everything again. Even pictures of bluebonnets.


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