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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dream A Little Dream Of Me

My brother Joey, sister Cyndi and me, big sister Deanna

Woke up this morning at 4:45 a.m. hoping for a semi-clear eye so that I could go to work. So far so good, Put my hybrid lens on my right eye and seems to be a bit clear so hopefully I can last all day at work. Last night I cried (boo hoo hoo) in my husbands arms and he let me be silly for a while. I guess it's just frustration coming out. One day my eyes were well and then one day they weren't. I suppose that is what makes me mad. It happened so quickly and I feel helpless.

Last night I had a sweet dream. I hope my little sister Laurie doesn't feel left out..(sorry sister!) but I did dream of myself when I was quite small. I remember in the dream that I was riding a tricycle and I had fallen off (how does one fall off of a tricycle?) and my brother came over to pick me up and dusted my knees off. I saw my sister Cyndi crying for me and she toddled over to me so that I could pick her up. I remember rubbing her curly head giving her a kiss on her forehead and she stopped crying and hugged my neck. My little brother kept asking me if I wanted a band-aid and I said no, I was fine. We three then got back on our tricycles and rode around our backyard singing songs that I could not recall what they were when I woke up. As I walked to my bathroom and took a warm shower, I thought about my dream. I fell, I kept going. Big me needs to take a lesson from little me. Get right back up and keep pedaling. As for support, I have it in spades. Mom, dad, Laurie, Cyndi and Joey and my husband Marshall. And I can't forget my dear blogging friends who are unknowingly making this return to blogging extra special. Thank you for your dear emails. It means a lot to me.

Later today, I am going to open a package that holds a collection of salt and pepper shakers that had been in storage for over a year. I don't remember what is in there so it's going to be so much fun unwrapping them. I'll take photos and post them later tonight. Well it's 6:26 a.m. and I'd best be off to work. Have a great Sunday!


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