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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Unpacking Some Timeless Things

Here I am posting my old salt and pepper shaker collection. This is only one box! About four sets didn't want to post so I'll try and re-post them later. These have been packed for over a year so I wasn't sure which ones were in this box. Not sure where I'm going to put them. I have a lovely shelf about two feet long that I might put in my dining room and I think they might just look sweet up there. I was excited as I placed the box on the bed.

I was ready to snap another photo of the box and almost cut my finger and took a picture of my arm instead! What a dork!

Heart beating fast! What the heck is in there?

Aww, I remember these cuties! Little kitties.

I found these and another set like them about a year apart from each other.

This watermelon set is very old and I have had them for many years.

I noticed that this set didn't make it unscathed. The top of one of the shakers cracked but it's okay. It can be hidden.

Gosh, I don't remember when I got these sweeties. I'll have to go back in my blog archives because I think I posted them when I first started my blog. My memory is going and it's due to old age..hahaha!

I had to snag these since my husband Marshall eats ONLY Heinz Ketchup thank you very much! I've had this set for a loooong time!

Here is the other set. I wonder if there are other colors around? All of these shakers are from Lubbock, my hometown. I haven't bought any since we've moved to S.A. ...well maybe one or two!

Mangia, mangia! My godmother Lina from Italy would probably like these little chefs!

Deck the hall with boughs of holly, fa, la, la, la, laa, la, la, la laa! I have more Christmas themed salt and pepper shakers but of course they are still packed up in the garage. I'll have to take you into the garage here in a couple of days and show you all the boxes yet to be opened. Yikes, I'm getting scared! Seems like I'll never be finished unpacking my pretties! It's helping me to temporarily forget about my eye pain so it's a good thing!

Well friends, I must be off as I need to remove my lenses and start the dreaded process of medicine taking. Have a great evening!


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