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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Getting To Know You Better

(Me this morning, in my favorite shirt)
I woke up this morning full of plans to straighten up my home but l have the blahs today. We have been packing up for several months to get ready to buy a home next August. We want to get as much done before hand and our rental storage space is getting quite full. I can't wait until all my pretties are wrapped, boxed and stored away. We have about four large boxes in the living room ready to go and even though our storage place is just across the street we just can't get ourselves going. We decided that we would just have a lazy day today and not do squat! A little guilty but oh well.
While we were away and while I was away from my blog, I thought about all of my blog friends and how wonderful it would be to see them face to face. I don't want to say "in real-life" because it is real life to me. We can pick and choose the people we want to be blog friends with and I have some of the best people in blogland as my friends. On some of the really bad days, I would think about Bonnie (One Designing Woman) and how just one glance at her photo makes me smile and how I admire the love that Stevie (The Beautiful Outdoors) has for my LeeLaurie (A Southern Rose). I marvel at the remarkable wit of the one and only Kristina Pulsipher (Pulsipher Predilections). I adore my hometown girl BJ (Sweet Nothings) and she doesn't know this, but she is a mentor to me on how to be a hospitable hostess in blogland. I love that Maya (Completely Coastal) adores all the things beachy. I love the fact that Beverly (Tea Time and Roses) is one of the most charming and gracious ladies in blogger. The list goes on and on. Blogland is a veritable treasure chest of goodies!
I'm noticing that I need to go brush my don't lie.

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