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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


SA-WEET Happy Home!

This is my new home. My husband's gift to me that will last a lifetime. Seriously, no diamond ring or shiny car need apply here! I'm set! It was a long haul getting here but we did it together. It is the sweetest bungalow and I even got my dream stainless appliances (someone explain to me why we women love those stainless steel appliances!?!) I mean if you look at them closely, they are a bit of a monstrosity. I loved the simple white appliances but something happened to me when I got my home. I became a stainless steel appliance fanatic. Doesn't go well with Shabby Chic but gosh darn it...I'm makin' it work! Stainless Shabby, it will make for a new decor fad.
Here I am relaxing in the back yard on my new patio set that my loving sister Cyndi and generous hearted brother in-law Johnny bought for us a couple of weeks ago. My hubby has purchased himself a new lawn mower, leaf blower and edger. You can knock me over with a feather because I don't have to tell that man to mow the front and back yard. He's really gung-ho and I guess it's partly because of being a proud homeowner. I am so proud of him.

I was given these cute balloons today at work and I thought of how fitting it was because I was feeling so happy and bubbly. My daddy is coming in to town this very minute and he's bringing the furniture he and my mother purchased for our guest room. They've claimed that room as theirs and so have ten other cousins, aunts and uncles! Mom is heading over here with my sister Laurie tomorrow and we are all getting ready to have all of our families on both sides drive in to SA this week. My brother in-law Johnny is retiring from the Air Force after twenty-five years of duty. We are having a big gala for him on Friday night at Lackland AFB. Bought myself a swanky dress. I will post those pics after the weekend is over. I cannot wait to have all my loved ones stay with us here. By the way, while I was typing this my balloons flew away up in to my tree and Marshall had to pull them down for me. Lawn Mower Man to the rescue!


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