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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Goodwill and a Quick Barbeque

Goodwill is the place to go for treasures. This is the movie star Goodwill.. Yes, I have seen some stars hanging out here. I don't approach them but they have been known to smile or chat with ya! This particular Goodwill gets all the high falutin' stuff. It is close to the Rim and the Dominion (where some Spurs and golf stars live ) and a Desperate Housewife lives nearby. I strolled around there for an hour or so looking at this and that. Truth be told, I was looking for anything hobnail. Usually Julia's Attic (Junior League) has hobnail and it's very pricey. You can find hobnail pieces at Salvation Army for a song but not at least here in San Antonio you can't!

(Dingbat moment #1) Did you see that? I am clearly blind because there sitting in front of my round face was something hobnail and it even wasn't priced with a Julia's Attic sticker! I could just kick myself!

I was laughing as I walked down the holiday aisle because I really thought I'd find some cute vintage Easter decor. No, I was wrong. It was Christmas time at the Goodwill!

I'm not kidding...I couldn't find squat for Christmas decor at Christmas time! They used to always have Christmas decor dripping down the aisles. I was really surprised this past December that I hardly found anything worth mentioning.

I saw this doll waaay up on the display shelf and I fell hard for her dress. I don't collect dolls because I find some of them kind of creepy but I thought this one was really lady-like and charming. I have no idea how much she was. I was afraid to look! She was quite tall. She may have come up to the top of my thigh (I'm 5'2.) I found her very scary - shorthand for: "She ain't comin' home with me!"

(Dingbat moment # 2) I found these cute plates and I separated them because there were so many. I thought, "oh, these could be really nice dessert plates." I took the picture and a lady asked me a question and I forgot about them. How stupid is that? Don't answer, I know! Hopefully they will still have some left on Saturday. There must have been about twenty of them. I was going to take these six....aaugh!!! They were only .99 cents!!!

I don't know if any of you remember a blog (I must have been blog hopping) where the authoress had these exact peacocks and she hated the copper look and decided to spray paint them. One was a pale pink and the other was white. She had them displayed over the bed in her guest room. Well, I have been looking for these elusive critters which is totally crazy because I used to always see them hanging about but now that I wanted them, they were no where in sight! Ta-da! Found them, bought them. Gonna paint them. Hope they turn out as pretty as they looked on that lady's blog!

No trip is complete without a baby nursery planter! I have so many that I'm embarrassed to say how many I have! I now have two of these sweet elephants which I call "Ellie." I don't see them too often but I was lucky enough to have a sister who keeps an eye out for them when she goes to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

After I put my "pretties" away, I started making the patties and threw them and the links on the grill. It was nice being outside. We had some mockingbirds in the oak trees singing away and one of them had a really pretty sing song going. I just didn't want them to poop on my burgers!

I had to take a picture of my two little roses in my rose bush. My two rose bushes are wild and I have trouble getting in there to trim back the stems. This particular bush had pale pink little roses when we first moved in last April so we were really shocked to see that the roses are coming out yellow with some red streaking on them. Is this normal? I hope you talented gardeners out there can tell me how this happens. Our other rose bush hasn't shot out anything yet but we definitely remember the roses being very hot pink. I'm waiting to see what color flowers will come out of that bush!

Here is the second little rose right behind the first rose. Aren't they sweet? I'm still wondering what happened to make them come out yellow. I guess I'll Google it!

Here I am ready to start putting everything together for supper. No dishes to wash! Yea!
Well, I'd better hippity hop on to beddy bye. My eyes are getting droopy. Don't forget my Jelly Bean Count Contest! I'm giving away four gifts to one lucky winner!

Have a great weekend my friends!


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