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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Timeless Things: Thrift Shop Tuesday

It's Timeless Thrift Shop day! My sister Cyndi (Pookie) loves to buy me planters. When she makes her weekly run to the thrift shops, she always comes back with something for moi! She is so generous and loves to see me smile when she presents me with a sweet planter or a cute knick-knack. She is always thinking of others...what a girl!!
Can you believe that I dropped this vintage pink shoe on Cyndi's hardwood floor the day she gave it to me! It truly made an "I'm broken" noise when it landed and I almost started crying! We picked it up..NO BREAK! Amazing!!! It is a heavy pottery piece.

Cyndi is such a little darlin'!

Eek! Isn't this precious Elephant just the bees knees? I mean seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter than this? Cyndi found this in a little thrift store in a town outside of San Antonio. She said the lady lowered the price when she told her she was buying it for her sister (moi) who loves to collect nursery planters. Thanks sissy!

Here's her little butt. Isn't the backside just adorable with those little blue flowers?

This planter is a musical planter and oh how I love to play it. The music is a variation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and another tune that I just can't put my finger on. It's a sweet and fast tune and I love to irritate Mr. Timeless Things by playing it constantly! Bless his heart! Cyndi found this one at the Salvation Army.

When I saw these last year at Craftiques, I had to have them. They were $55.00 and I was soooo reluctant to pay that but I begged and begged for them to come down on the price and they took off ten dollars.
"Well, alrighty then," I said to myself.
" Do you have layaway?" I asked.
Of course, said the lady. So on layaway they went. Two months later they were out on parole and packed away for a year until I unpacked them the other day. I had forgotten how sweet they were.

Last year, when they got packed up, I was envisioning them in my Shabby/Fifties Chic room. I still need to find a place for them so stay tuned to find out where they land.

I was at Goodwill about two months ago, before my eyes became intolerable and saw this cat thing. I don't know why but I was smitten. I mean, look at her. She's ugly but not. She is a heavy piece and looks really old but gosh darn it, I just had to have her. She was only .99 cents so I couldn't pass her up.

Her little top comes off. Isn't it sweet?

In early August, Marshall took me to Austin for a quick shopping trip and we found our way to Room Service Vintage, one of my favorite places to find collectibles. He saw this cute maiden planter and handed her to me. I was in love. I didn't have to wheedle or bat my eyes or pledge that I would never ask for anything again. He just said, "It's going home with you, Yanna."

Ahhh...I love collecting planters but there must be a stopping point right? When and where will it end? I have no clue. I try to stop but people insist on buying them for me! Ha ha ha!!

Obviously I didn't know which way was up and which way was down! Pooh! It's a cute treasure isn't it? It's hanging in my guest room which is still yet to be painted in Laura Ashley's Vintage Blue paint. Hopefully when my eyes heal, I can begin the projects I started.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my goodies! More goodies next Tuesday so come back and visit me again!


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