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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Something For My Table

I woke up this morning feeling quite happy. My vision is improving. It's a very small improvement but it truly has made my mood change quite dramatically. As I cleaned my home today, I was in and out of both bedrooms sorting out bed linens and started to notice that I have not put out any autumnal decor. I thought about BJ's October 17th (Sweet Nothings) post from several days ago where she found items around her home and made a very lovely wreath. Hmmm, I know most of my holiday decor stuff is still packed in boxes in the garage but I didn't feel like messing around in there today. We had house guests for the past week so I didn't have a moment to think about holiday decor! My brother Joey, my sister in-law Dani and five year old nephew Etienne, came down from Lubbock to visit us. Even though I was having some really bad days, their stay cheered me up quite considerably. Our home felt alive with Etienne's laughter and his sweet sugar's. His snuggles (rubbing noses) was a balm for my "fraidy cat" heart. They left yesterday and my house is silent again. I can't wait until they can come back for a longer stay.

As I finished my housework, I was watching a decor show and of course got in the holiday spirit. I didn't have too much money in my budget to buy much as I had several doctors appointments this past week with tons of prescriptions to fill. Anyway, I wanted the scent of cinnamon, pine cones and pumpkin spice in my home so I got Hobby Lobby happy really quick! Looked at my self-imposed budget and figured I had about twenty-five dollars to play with. Not a lot when you shop at Hobby Lobby so I was hoping for some 50% off sales. Six minutes later I was at Hobby Lobby perusing the aisles. Okay, so I wanted everything in sight but since my purse was in a penny pinching mood, I went to the aisle where the fake pumpkins and gourds were and wow, they were 50% off! The wooden bowl was the most expensive item at six bucks. I loved it.

I fell for these cuties on sight. Not sure what kind of bird they are supposed to be but they sure are sweet. They were $1.99. Not bad. They are really adorable.

I could only afford several of these so I picked out the ones I really liked. They did have a great variety to choose from.
I chose these three. I truly love the shiny pumpkin. It was the first one I picked out from the bunch. The pumpkin with the braiding is just plain sweet and I really liked the tall
gourd pumpkin-y looking one. $3.99 and I think one of them was $2.99. I also grabbed a few autumn looking leaves. Alas, I was short by one but I'm going back to get another branch of leaves tomorrow. I think they were $1.23 apiece.

The decor didn't come with stems so luckily I had some very ugly flowers from an old vase in the guest room and I took the heads off and stuck the stem in the gourd and the two pumpkins. I had placed wet oasis in the wooden bowl so I could stick the ornaments in when I was ready to decorate.

The last stem in, I gathered the items and was ready to assemble them into something....decent looking!

I tried this one first but the lack of leaves in front really glared at me and I got discouraged but figured that the birds looked sweet enough despite the lack of leaves!

I wonder if these are supposed to be Chickadees? I have no clue and the package they came in didn't even specify what type of bird I had purchased.

I moved the birds around and this time I liked it. Sorry if the picture came out dark but my dining room is not the lightest area in the house despite the large glass sliding back door. Tomorrow I am going to look for some material to throw on my dining table and maybe add some candle sticks with this little centerpiece in the middle. When I finish the table I will post the finished result. By the way, Hobby Lobby has the most fantastic pumpkin spice scented candles. I also bought a Cinnamon and a Pumpkin Spice room spray. They have the most amazing scent ever! My home smells as if I have been baking apple and pumpkin pies all day!

Have you decorated yet? I'd love to see your handiwork and get some ideas for my own home. I love learning from my fantastic and talented blogger friends!


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