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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A Birthday, An Anniversary and Rain from Alex

Happy Birthday to Me ♪♫♪ - Oh dear, I'm forty-seven years old this year! I have never felt better or felt more sexier than when I was in my twenties! I thought about my birthday last year here in Blogland and how much fun I had putting together my Blog Party on July 1st and 2nd. I celebrate two birthdates. Legally, it's July 1st but I was actually born on the 2nd. Goof up at the hospital. Anyhow, it's fun to have two dates to celebrate. Mr. Timeless Things and I have really settled ourselves into our new home and I have become a little Betty Crocker. It's been a true money-saver cooking instead of going out to eat. I have been pretty lucky to come up with different things to make for dinner. The best part is inviting our family and friends over to share our table. There's truly nothing like sharing conversation and laughter with your loved ones.
Mr. Timeless Things and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary on July 7th. We can't do it once though because on July 19th, we will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary of being married by the church. Apparantly, I can't have just one of anything!

We have had tons of rain here in San Antonio because of Hurricane Alex but not as much as poor Laredo has had with all the flooding problems and devastation. Despite that, I love nothing better than to open my front door and peer out my threshold at the front yard. It's such a lovely yard. Lush and green and ohhh it smells so good! I am so blessed because this was a long time coming. Everyday I thank my Lord above for giving me the most beautiful home and to be it's loving caretaker. It's such a treat to come home from work knowing that I'm pulling up to my own driveway, opening my own fridge to take out some delicious blackberries and have a snack before Mr. Timeless Things and I take our daily hour nap at four-thirty. It's a beautiful thing to be in bed with him, a light blanket covering the two of us, the ceiling fan whirring softly, and hearing the tip tap of light rain with a soft albeit warm, breeze flowing in through the open window in our bedroom. Sleep overtakes us as we hold hands. It's been bliss all over. (Record scratch!) Then we both start snoring!

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