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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Man vs. Food in San Antonio!

If you like watching Adam on Man vs. Food then stop by and watch his show tomorrow night! Back in June, our favorite hamburger place and pal Joey Prado, owner of Chunky's Burgers and More, was featured with his famous Four Horseman Hamburger. The burger is sinfully hot with the four hottest peppers ever! You must sign a waiver before eating, you have an hour to finish and if you decide to toss your cookies, the competition is over and you pay for your burger! If you do finish, you must wait five minutes after eating it which we have seen first hand several times that it's not an easy task. Many a bucket has gone by our table only to be disposed of in the restroom!

Adam sitting outside on the patio ready to barf up the Four Horseman and a Chunky's customer challenging Adam...he didn't make it. Adam did. What a guy!

Hopefully Mr. Timeless Things and I will be able to be seen but you know how editing goes. I'll be wearing a raspberry shirt, almost purplish and we will be sitting by the front door next to a window. A lot of footage was shot of Joey's friends and customers but we'll see if we show up or!

Chunky's patio where the challenge started and ended. There were so many people, I just don't know how the Chunky's crew did it! Their customer service is tops even when they are fixing to be nationally known...!! I'm sure Mr. Prado will have his restaurant fully packed tomorrow with well wishers and will be watching the show with his patrons. Or then again, he just might close up and go fishing...he's been known to do that!
The show starts at 9:00 pm Central Time.

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