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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

Pink Saturday. Pink And Green and A Sweet Little Leprechaun

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I had a dilemma that needed fixin' before the 17th and boy was I surprised ! I will be going to a Women of Worth luncheon on the 17th and I needed to find a lovely sparkly pink shoe! With the help of a little girl Leprechaun named Greenie Greentoes, I was able to find just the right shoe for the luncheon!!

I practically swooned when I saw these elegant cuties! Look at that color. It's like pink cotton candy isn't it. And that jewel in the center is just too much! They sparkled but not enough!

Then I found this adorable ruffled shoe and I thought "Dang!! Those are really feminine and so GIRLY!! EEEK!!" But still...I want sparkle!

Then this pair came prancing in and I my heart just went "BA-BOOM BA-BOOM BA-BOOM!! How can you turn down a strappy pink shoe...I ask you!! HOW??? But still, it didn't sparkle or glitter enough for me. Hmmm... will I ever find a sparkly glittery shoe?

Pink glitter started flying around and I immediately wanted this pair. The very thought of having a darling glittery shoe with a lovely little dainty white ruffle around it was just too much!! My big Southern heart just about gave up and I almost flatlined!! /\/\/\_____(no heart beat)

A thought came into my head as I was lying there in a comatose state..."Hey, it's going to be St. Patty's Day and I'm thinkin' Pink but I should be thinkin' GREEN!! Then all of the sudden Green glitter started flying around and in came this fancy in your face sparkly green shoe!! Yowza!! That's closer to what I had in mind. I want everyone to notice me for sure!!

Suddenly, as I was truly oohing and ahhing over the green glittery shoe, the room became silent and an audible sigh was heard from my mouth as I saw a cute little Leprechaun strolling in with something in her hands. It sparkled, it glittered, it caused my heart to go THUMP THUMP again and then she handed them over to me and I just about screamed in delight!! They were GREEN, THEY GLITTERED AND THEY SPARKLED!! Finally, a shoe with OOMPH and it sports a cute SHAMROCK!!! Oh little know what I like!! I found my gold..uh, er, GREEN at the end of the rainbow!

Greenie Greentoes, a sweet little lass!

Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and a fabulous Pink Saturday! Thank you Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for such a wonderful idea to add "a bit O' the Green"


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