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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Housewarming Gifts Part Deux

So here is the second round of photos of the Housewarming Gifts. This huge basket was from my sister Cyndi. She knows I adore kitchen doo-dads and whatnots so she packed a lot of goodies in there for me. I didn't open it for almost two months and every time she came over she would ask me to open it. I told her that I still had not had a chance to photograph it because I wanted to put it on my blog. Two dinner parties later and I still had not opened it. I told her that I would open it at our next get together which turned out to be another month later! Sorry sister!

In the basket I found this delicious smelling Paula Deen Strawberry Shortcake candle and oooh it did smell so good! It's all gone now but my house smelled delicious during the months of July and August. I need to go get another one for sure. Have you seen Paula Deen's collection at Wal-Mart? Cute stuff!
Tongs, gi-normous serving spoons, eight in all. Dishtowels (one can never have to many dishtowels) washrags and she had put a sweet note for me in there too. What a good sister!
She finished off with this large serving platter, which I have needed for a long time. Once you move into a home, you start having a lot of company come over to visit, lot's of barbeque get- together happen at a moments notice. My aunt Alicia gave me a beautiful platter (photo at a later date) she brought from Rome, Italy when she and my uncle Bob were in Europe before the Christmas holidays. She had saved it for me for when I got my new house. Marshall and I felt so blessed.

I still have quite a few gifts to post so as soon as I load them on the laptop, I will post again. By the way, Saturday I will take photos of the garage to show you the boxes I have to open. Lot's of goodies hiding in there!

Have a great evening!

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