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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Two Men and my Two Eyes

Five and a half months ago I started to lose my right cornea. Not once but twice. Today, Friday. February 11th 2011 8:44 p.m. marks the first week that I was completely pain free, total clear vision and left with a faith so strong that nothing could never make me let go of it. Never, ever do I want to re-live these past five months! NEVER. The two men pictured above have earned my trust and with their hands, which were guided by the only love of my life, God, have done their job. Never have I seen two men work and go to battle for their patient like these men did for so many months. They do not work together as each has his own practice but both men did everything humanly possible to save my graft. They succeeded. We won the battle. Dr. F (suit) is my main opthamologist and Dr. M (coat) is my corneal transplant surgeon. Both in their own right, are the most remarkable men I have ever met.

If you have a team of doctors such as I do (6), and they do not communicate with each have missed a great deal in life. Not only did they keep in touch on a weekly basis but they also kept in touch with my dermatologist who fights to keep rosacea out of both eyes and with my primary physician who sees Marshall and I together. I love my doctors and my dentists. I love that they have shown with their actions and words how much they care about me. I was ready to lose my mind but I just couldn't or wouldn't go there. That would have meant losing faith and I wasn't about to let the Man upstairs down.

Now I can see colors clearly. I can now drive safely and with confidence. I can see to cook (Marshall says take out is just fine!) and I can start BLOGGING again full time!

Thank you Dr. F. and Dr. M. for giving me my eyesight back. I hope I never have to use my own blood for eye drops ever again as I thought that was really disgusting!!

Your ever thankful patient, Deanna

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