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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011

Shabby Heaven At Ironside

Me, sitting in the car

It was time for another shopping excursion, so I got in the car and headed over to Ironside. It's a wonderland in there!

There are over fifty vendors and each one is unique. You will see some vintage oriental pieces, Victorian, Neo-classical, really a bit of everything and the prices are fair but some are a bit out of my reach. It's quite a walkabout and as I get overheated when I shop, I always carry two bottles of water in my purse!

I really think that they currently have more than fifty vendors.

They had this adorable vanity chair outside for $36.00 and even though I really wanted it, I had to pass it up. I try to stay on a budget and usually I make the rounds of the whole store before I go and choose what I am going to bring home. So it was, "so long sweet chair."

Loved the beaded lamp work on this piece. Not my taste but I can appreciate that to others, it is a work of art.

This lamp was just lovely.

I have found two of these milk glass fruit stands at Salvation Army. Too pricey here at Ironside!

Are these dolls just too sweet? They kept asking me to take them home.

I strolled into a dark space and when I looked up, I saw these beautiful chandeliers. I want one for my guest bedroom. We currently have a ceiling fan in there and I am anxious to get it down. They have quite a selection to choose from. I couldn't take too many photos of them as my eyes are pretty sensitive to light but I did manage to snap these two photos for you.

Pretty crystals.

Of all the stuff in this photo, the one thing I was looking at was the darling white table. Did I take it, no. It was out of my budget darn it!

I love doilies and my dear friend Patricia (Vintage Linen Treasures) would have been able to tell me if this was hand made or made by machine. She deals in lots of vintage linens and is an expert, making sure that she only buys handmade items.

I wanted this vanity with the cute seat from outside but drat the luck...too expensive.

Ooh La La...these frames are so dreamy! I saw some that were priced at $130.00!! That is ridiculous in my book! You can easily buy old mirror frames at salvage and thrift stores for less. I know that these are already finished but come on!! $130.00!! NO WAY!

I do not believe in shoplifting I do not believe in shoplifting I do not believe in shoplifting

Eek! A basket full of precious doilies!!

Frothy aqua curtains for my guest bedroom. MINE!! I have only one set of windows in that bedroom so these will do just fine. They look like a 1950's prom dress.

I loved that they had shiny gold and silver thread running through the ruffles and tie-backs. $40.00 and well worth it. They are truly vintage.

More frothy lace tie-backs. They simply are just too lovely.

I fell in love with this gown. It had such a lovely shade of lime. I would probably look like a chubby kiwi in it but gosh darn, it's too stinkin' cute!

A little box of vintage material.

I purchased this beautiful tulip chandelier.

I liked this bed very much. Wouldn't you? Yeah, I knew you would! I'd feel like a Queen in this bed...ahhhh, one can dream can't one?

Matching upright dressers for your Queenly bed. They are really pretty but wow, expensive!

Okay, this is one piece that I was totally in love with as soon as we walked inside. Can you imagine serving hors d'oeuvres from this stunning crystal drops dangling so beautifully piece? Again, I do not believe in shoplifting, I do not believe in shoplifting....etc

Pretty glove boxes and they were pretty reasonable at $9.00. They were on sale for that day only so I'm sure they went home with some lucky lady.

One last tempting Shabby frame that was over $100.00. I just cannot seem to fathom that paying that much for a frame is fine and dandy. I know it's a find, it's something that we Shabby seekers hope to find on a treasure hunt but I would rather buy one-hundred dollars worth of groceries than a wooden frame. Some things are just not worth what they are asking for. Unless of course you really absolutely cannot live without it. I can....I don't want to but I!!

Well that ends our stroll through Ironside. I had a great time looking at all the lovely furniture and decor. Not sure where I will be heading too this week but you can bet I will come home with something pretty!


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