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Monday, August 17, 2015

Pink Saturday: May 15 2009. Republished on 8/17/2015

Pink Saturday!!

This is one of my favorite pink saturday posts. i hope you enjoy it as well. it tickles me pink to return to read old posts - Deanna 8/17/15

Hi everyone! It's Pink Saturday and many thanks go to Miss Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for all of her hard work in putting this fun day together for us. 

Today I'd like to share my collection of baby nursery planters. I found these at Goodwill and at the Salvation Army and one at Craftiques when my dear Patricia of Vintage Linen Treasures and I went shopping the day before I was stung my those crazy insane fire ants! I have to say here that this sudden passion for these planters is being lovingly blamed on sweet Jennifer of Sweet Eye Candy Creations. She was given a darling planter by a friend and I let her know that I had no idea that these were so collectible and that I had seen so many of them at Goodwill and just walked away not giving them a second thought! I mean, how stupid can I be? I want to cry when I think of all the beautiful nursery planters that slipped through my hands!! Bwaaaah! It all worked out well though since these are in abundance at Goodwill and you can always find at least two at any given time. I found this lovely caboose or paddle boat ( don't know exactly which) at Craftiques for only $4.00.I found this darling lamb and cart at Goodwill for only .99 cents. I found a similar one a month ago on Ebay and lost the bid. It sold for $25.00!

 I'm not sure if the top planter is a teddy bear or what kind of creature it is but it's cute with it's long lashes. The little girl/bootie planter is so adorable. These are made by a pottery company in Mexico called Ceramica del Norte. These were .99 cents as well.

Mr. Timeless Things bought this rabbit planter for me in San Marcos at the Goodwill for .99 cents. He bought me other goodies but I will post those at a later date.

Baby block planter that Patricia found at Goodwill. Yep, it was only .99 cents. This sweet pink curly headed lamb is from Craftiques. I think it's just precious and it's my husband's favorite planter so far.

This sweet vintage book is called, Lollie Lamb and I love to read it over and over! So sweetly illustrated too! Eeek!

It's in great condition but I am being very careful of it. I love the artwork. You just don't see that kind of artwork anymore.

Soon after I made this post, I sent Lollie Lamb to someone (Jennifer of Sweet Eye Candy Creations) who took a special delight in it. It was my pleasure to make her happy and I mailed the book to her. I know she is enjoying it and that it has a happy home with her. I was lucky enough to find another Lollie Lamb book for myself a couple of years later. It truly is a very charming and sweet little book. 8/17/15

I bought this vintage card at Craftiques as well. I couldn't turn it down. I need to find a place to display the book and this card. I'm thinking I have to many treasures that still need to find a home! Oh well, I can't stop shopping and Mr. Timeless Things says it's okay...he enjoys my delight in vintage things. What a guy! He's my best treasure of all!

Don't forget to visit the other Pinks by clicking HERE.Have a great weekend everyone!
Deanna Glory

Friday, August 7, 2015


Nursery Rhyme Hankies from the Lubbock Flea Market

My precious hankies. If you click on them you can read the verses. Do kids nowadays even know these rhymes? I doubt it. I bought these precious hankies at a flea market. I had been eyeballing them for a year. The lady that had a booth inside the building had a really cute glass cabinet and she housed the most precious items in there. She would open it for me and let me drool over all her treasures. I bought some sweet postcards with vintage ladies on them. She knew how much I wanted the hankies so one day; about a year, later she saw me strolling down the aisle and waved me over. She had a big smile on her face and told me that she had a secret. "What is it?", I asked. She walked me over to the glass cabinet and took out the hankies and placed them in my hand. She told me that she just couldn't bear the look on my face when I would leave the hankies behind without purchasing them. They were pricey. $25.00 for the set. In 1994 that was a large sum for me to spend on hankies. 
Anyway, she said that it was time for the hankies to go home with me and she let me have them for $9.00. I was thrilled. I have treasured them for years but I am going to send them to my sister Laurie (momof2roses) and let her make a quilt with them. She is very creative and loves to sew.




Lakersol Pastilles

This little tin was given to me by my brother Joey. He knows that I love collecting vintage tins. This one is special and very cute. It actually has the little dark brown pastilles inside and they are covered with a thin wax cover. They still smell like licorice. Here's what is says on the back of it: Remarkably soothing for Coughs and Hoarseness due to simple colds. Recommended for daily use for Singers, Speakers, Teachers, Clergymen etc, for clearing dry, parched or tickling throats. Much used by smokers for sweetning the breath and against dryness of the throat after smoking. An ideal refreshment for Motorist, Cyclists, Hikers and Campers etc. Delicious Flavor! The excellence of Lakersol is attested by a great number of Royalty, Actors, Singers and Prominent Persons from different parts of the world. 
I couldn't stop giggling after I read that!!! It's just too hilarious!!


Family Visit

The weekend is over and I'm sitting here feeling a bit sad. We had so much fun with my parents, my brother and his wife and their two year odl son. We packed so much action in a week as we possibly could. We also ate a butt load of food. Now I'm sitting here all fat with my pants cutting me in half! There's nothing like having your parents hold you and love on you. Hey, I'm 44 years old and my dad still treats me like a baby. My mother is a hoot. She will drive 5 hours by herself to visit me and my sister down here if dad can't get off from work. Luckily this time dad was able to get away. I'm also excited because he will be able to retire next year and they can stay as long as they want to from now on. Mom retired two years ago and I don't know what she will think when dad stays home with her. She's a social butterfly and takes my nephew Etienne with her where ever she goes. I love having my family visit and we just didn't feel complete this week because our little sister Laurie, (momof2roses) wasn't with us. We thought of her, Mike and the girls where ever we went. We miss you sister! I can't wait until next July when you can come down for our second wedding.



I can't believe it's almost October. I love this time of year when leaves turn red, yellow,orange and brown. Drats..we are late for the football game...more later...... Okay, we are back from the game and the Falcons were defeated again by the Clark Cougars. Better luck next time for our boys. The band however, rocked as the played Gloria Estefan's 'Conga'. Anyway, getting back to fall; I can't wait to start decorating my pumpkins. I'll post the pictures sometime next week. The weather is starting to cool off finally and it's getting darker around 6pm. Fall is really here. 
I plan to do some thirft store shopping tomorrow AND finally load all my Christmas ornament pictures to my December Days blog. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a centerpiece for my dining room table, I'd love to hear from you. Seems like I go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's every year and buy the same flowers and vases. I'm out of ideas. Laurie, you decorate really nice...toss me some ideas!
My friend Mary informed me today that Sam's Club is selling Panettone. If you ever get a chance to eat a slice of this delicious bread..go for it. You won't be sorry. I am so tempted for Marshall to buy some but I will be strong since we are both on a diet. I guess I won't be doing any baking for myself this season but I will make sure that my family and pals get plenty of goodies!


Housecleaning For The Holidays

I've done a ton of cleaning this past week in gearing up for the holidays. I've neglected my December Days blog but will start posting my ornament pictures this weekend. I"ve also started shopping at Family Dollar for those special little extras to give away as gifts for aquaintances that I seem to have a ton of. At the present, I am putting out what I call my "Harvest" decorations. I don't put up too much of that or for Thanksgiving but I do go crazy at Christmas time. 

My sister Laurie (momof2roses) has been busy killing pigs over at her estate in Alaska. I'm not to thrilled about her getting rid of Little Bit and I must admit that I got teary eyed when I saw Little Bit's picture with my nieces Mikaela and Camille. Oh well, such is farm life. At least they will learn from their parents that the meat fairy doesn't bring dinner and stick it in the fridge. My brother in-law Mike is an avid hunter and loves to take the girls out camping. I'm glad the girls love the outdoor life. I hope they will also learn creativity from their mother. She has a lot of talent. She is currently renovating her kitchen. I can't wait to see the results.


Oh Happy Day! I Love You Mother

God blessed me, my two sisters and brother when he gave us our mother. On October 6th 1942, my mother Rosa was born and I thank the Lord that he chose this woman to be our mother. My mother is the strongest woman I have ever known. She is the most loving and most loyal of friends. My mother will get in her car and drive for six hours from West Texas (the Panhandle) to come visit me and my husband and my sister and her family in Central Texas. She is fearless. There is nothing that she wouldn't do for us. She took care of me and my husband in June when I had a corneal transplant. I can ever thank her enough. Mom, thanks you for your everlasting love. I hope you have a fun filled day and try not to eat too much birthday cake! We love you! All your grandkids think your the best Grandma ever!


Tea Time and Roses With Beverly

Sweet Beverly over at Tea Time and Roses said such nice things about me and I told her in a comment that I posted on her blog, that she had made me blush a rosey red. I had been reading her blog for several weeks in-between cooking, cleaning and working but I always managed to find a few minutes to take a peek at her blog. You will find her blog has a genteel (definition of genteel: elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape: free from vulgarity or rudeness :polite place to visit) atomsphere about it. Please make your way over to her place and sit a spell and you will leave with a warm smile on your face. 


Feeling Wistful and Crafty

Our days here in Bexar County are getting shorter and the autumnal colors are all over our Hill Country. I was feeling very good about life today and the only wish I had was that my sister Laurie and her family could live closer to us. She is so far in terms of milage but never so far from my heart. I wish I could be there for her when she is in need of some loving arms around her. She knows that she is in my heart. We talk almost everyday on the phone and love to do our housework whilst chatting away. 

I am so thankful for all our blogging friends that take the time to come and visit our blogs and leave such sweet messages. It really makes our day. I think all of you are extra talented and are such inspirational people. 

I am so excited and cannot wait until tomorrow comes because I have a craft that I want to make and post on my blog. I got it from Family Circle Magazine and will take a lot of painstaking cutting using an exacto-knife. I will be heading for Hobby Lobby toot sweet!

Bless you all,


Out Of A Box Of Pictures

I love this picture of my sisters and my brother. That's me with the Marlo "That Girl" Thomas hairdo. That was my favorite green shirt. My brother Joey in his cute plaid shirt. Cyndi is in the white dress with red polka dots. She loved that dress. The baby is my sister Laurie (Momof2Roses). She was a cute little thing. We used to tease her about her being adopted and not looking like us. Well now you can look at us and we all look alike. We look like Dad. Laurie and I love looking at our family pictures and some of them I wish I could toss in the bin. My mother was a great collector of family pictures and now Laurie has inherited her pack rat habits! Just kidding Laurie! Don't you go posting any ugly pictures of your big sis....ya hear me?!!?


My Leaf Wreath and Leaf Botanical Project

Okay, so here is the project I was talking about. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a cute book of fall colored cardstock. I also purchased one of those knives that can make precise cuts. It was recommended by the salesclerk and so was that strip tape that she sold me. I think this project will take a while to finish. I didn't realize, as I bought some acrylic craft paint, that I was going to have to put some life onto those leaves. I paint fairly well but ...oh my goodness, all those stems and veins I must paint on each leaf and not to mention the highlights and shadows. I think it will be fun and maybe it will look like a first grader did it (sorry first graders!) but I will have done the work myself. It looks time consuming doesn't it? I'm tracing my leaf patterns tonight! By the way, this project is in the current Family Circle magazine.


Where Did All Of My Clean Clothes Disappear To?

I can't believe it. I ran out of clean clothes this morning. That has never happened to me before. I guess that's what happens when you go on blithely in your own half world. Granted, I've been very busy these past few weeks and really working hard on my Extreme Diet but that's no excuse for having run out of clean clothes. 

I was mortified that I had to wear a shirt that I had worn the day before yesterday. I hadn't worn it to work but when I had gotten home from work that day, I had put it on to be more comfortable. It's obvious I must put myself on a schedule. A woman's work is always waiting for her isn't it? Luckily for me, I have a day off tomorrow. I have Wednesday's and Saturdays off so that gives me some time to do my laundry. Drats! I despise doing housework on my day off! My mother is still in town so knowing myself the way I do, I will use that as an excuse to not clean my kitchen or living room......but I will do my laundry! By the way, I'm still cutting leaves for my project. I thinking I'm in over my head.


Lovin' the Day

What a beautiful day it was today. After the heck filled week I had, it was such a balm to my heart to have such a glorious sunny day. Then as the sun started going down...the moon came out and was so full and radiant. They say that the moon is very close to the earth right now and what a beautiful Harvest moon it is. 
Deanna :)


Cleaning and Decorating All Day

Just a quickie, today I have been up since seven this morning trying to finish my Christmas decorating. My house is turned upside down but the living room is looking very festive! I have all of my ornaments out and ready to put on the tree. It will probably take me all night but I don't care. I took a day off from work for tomorrow-Sunday, so I can stay up as long as I want too. 
Have a blessed day!